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This is our classroom! We have different furniture - tables at 3 heights, standing tables with swing bars, hokki stools that rock (the red and yellow stools you can see in the picture). We have a small space but also a small class!

Here is an animoto slide show of one of our projects. We had to design and build a wind-powered land vehicle that could carry 12 marbles securely. We could only use recycled materials, tape, glue, string, and scissors. When we had created the vehicles, we tested them and then had some time to rethink and make any improvements. Then we had another test run and some of our vehicles went over 5 meters!

Lunch and recess at our school - today we went up on the roof to take some pictures of what we like to do during recess. We also took some pictures of our lunches and us having lunch! We hope you like it!

Recess & Lunch on PhotoPeach