Glendale, AZ USA

Bicentennial North School

Lunch: gingnam style

The seven graders get to eat at the cafeteria .they go at eleven fifteen. They go to the cafeteria so that they can eat so they don’t get hungry. Today they can pick between nachos or cheese quesadilla. Also they have a salad bar. In the salad bar they can choose all the things that they want like fruits or vegetables. If they want they can get up and get more stuff if they want.

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Lunchtime Games:

At recess 5th graders play soccer. They play soccer in the soccer field. We play soccer for fun. Soccer is a sport that involves kicking a ball into the goal and the goalie tries to avoid that so the other team won’t score a goal. Soccer was invented in Europe.

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At recess there is another sport that 5th graders play it is basketball. We play basketball for fun too. We play it on the basketball court. It is a sport that you get the ball and you try to shoot it into the basket.

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