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On thursday every week we bring Nude Food to school in our lunchboxes.
Nude Food must be food with no wrappers, we are allowed to bring foil or snap lock bags that we can re-use.
All our food must be in containers.

We are doing Nude Food because
- We want to keep rubbish out of our gardens
- It helps the environment
- It is reducing our rubbish in the bins at school.

Every thursday, Mrs Inglis counts our rubbish in the bin. The grade with the least amount of wrappers in their bin, wins an icypole.

In our prep area, we like to play in the sand pit. We build sand castles, we bury our toys and people. We also like to play with skipping ropes. When we do skipping we sing the song, ice cream and jelly.
We play lots of imaginary games, like we are dogs and we have owners. We also play scooby doo, batman or ben10 games.

At the playground we play games and on the oval too. We play games like chasey, hide and seek and tiggy. We also like ball games.